Obama As ‘First Gay President,’ Shows Truth Means Nothing to Liberals

Symbolism is far, far more important to the childish, silly left in America than truth. Why do I say that? The newest Newsweek cover explains why as its May 21 cover proclaims that Barack Obama is “the first gay president.”

This, of course, is in reference to Obama’s announcement of his non-support of gay marriage made last week. It was a non-supporting announcement because really all he did was claim some personal belief in gay marriage but did not follow that up with any actual policy proposals meaning that regardless of how he claims he now feels, itself a departure of his many years of saying the opposite, nothing will change on the matter of gay marriage. It was pandering to his gay donors and little else.

Yet, now we have a gay columnist, the hack blogger Andrew Sullivan, claiming that Obama is “the first gay president.”

But he isn’t.

Obama is not gay. Whatever else he may or may not be, gay he most definitely is not. This whole silly claim is but meaningless symbolism. Obama became the first president to openly profess that gays should be allowed to marry hence he’s now somehow an honorary homosexual.

This isn’t the first time that foolish left-wingers have pronounced a president a “thing” that he wasn’t. You might recall back in 1998 when President Bill Clinton was absurdly proclaimed “the first black president.”

It was in 1998 that Toni Morrison proclaimed that Clinton is the “first black president” in the pages of the New Yorker. This was more gosh-gee-willikers, childishness from the self-proclaimed “sophisticated” left, more symbolism over truth. It was another example of how leftists prefer silly make-believe over reality.

This sort of child-like predilection to fall for surface glitz is why their “solutions” are more often than not just shiny facades rather than anything that actually fixes a problem.

This penchant to indulge effusiveness instead of focusing on real accomplishments mires the left in silliness like equality of outcome arguments, racial preferences, and other gestures that end up in meaningless distinctions that help no one.

There are Obama firsts, to be sure. He is the first black president — a real one, not the faux one that Clinton was. He’s the first president to have been brought up as a youth in a foreign country. He’s the first president that was as a youth considered a practicing Muslim. He’s also the first president to have spent considerable time as a youth living in Hawaii. He is not the first president to have been awarded a Nobel Peace Prize, though (that was Teddy Roosevelt).

Still, there are Obama firsts. If you want to know some of the things Obama is “first” for, there really is a list. In fact, this president has had a lot of firsts.

Here are a few of his firsts:

  • First president to preside over a downgrade of America’s credit rating
  • First to implement the DREAM Act and by executive fiat, by-passing Congress to do it
  • First to illicitly make recess appointments
  • First to pen two autobiographies before he was 50 years old
  • First to attempt to force Americans to buy a product against their will
  • First to have almost his entire pre-presidential history successfully withheld from the public
  • First to tell a company in which state they are allowed to locate a factory
  • First to withdraw an existing coal permit that had been properly issued years ago….

… well, there are more, of course, but at least these are some real firsts, substantive things as opposed to the left’s little fantasies.

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