And This Helps Gays Why?

The announcement from President Obama that he is in favor of “same-sex” marriage has been crowned by many in the media as “historic.”

A sitting U.S. President has personally endorsed gay marriage.

Never in the annuls of “historic” events has an act meant so little.

This literally changes nothing. It may ingratiate Obama further into the good graces of the gay community and get them to open up their pocketbooks to donate to his campaign more then they already have, but, it neither helps or hurts their crusade to be treated “equally.”

They are being used. Used for votes, money, and political showmanship. They are but one more pawn on Obama’s political chessboard.

Listen to Obama twist himself into changing nothing by trying to say everything:


He personally believes gays should be able to marry, but he ultimately believes states should be the ones to decide.

So, realistically, he washes his hands to the issue.

And his courageous introspection of these deeply held beliefs, this personal “evolution” of Obama’s (Which up until this exact moment in time he campaigned on and believed the exact opposite), at this time, just happened to coincide with the current public and media scrutiny of his stance on gay marriage.

It’s all so sincerely believable, isn’t it?

And Obama can thank Joe Biden, administration stooge, who plays the perfect harmless goofball to Obama’s straight-man routine.

Joe’s propensity for uttering dumb or non-scripted material has been viewed by many as a liability. His tendency to belch up seemingly senile, blubbering thoughts and positions is dismissed as “Joe just being Joe.” This may seem all very innocent (Though if he were a Republican, his credibility on issues, and by extension, the President’s credibility, would be excoriated by both the press and liberal pundits.) However, to the Obama campaign, this perception of goofiness has been shrewdly manipulated into raising the Biden factor to “useful idiot” status. Biden is a win-win for them. He provides a fail-safe excuse to float up gigantic trial balloons. If the balloon has a Hindenburg-like crash, then it can innocently be labeled as “Joe just being Joe.” But, if it stays aloft, the administration uses it to see just which way the wind blows on a subject they deem potentially politically expedient. Not important in the sense that the stance provides good policy for the country, but for whether they can gain some sort of tactical political advantage and harvest good publicity to use the issue against their opponents.

After Clueless Joe let this balloon fly, at the following White House press briefing, press secretary Jay Carney looked a contortionist, fielding and dodging questions of just what the President’s position was/is regarding gay marriage.

His main catch-phrase was that Obama’s position on the subject was “evolving.”

“Evolving.” That invokes a thought process which takes a long time.

That said, we are to believe, at this precise moment when questioning this “evolution” started to showcase his long-held position that he does not agree with gay marriage, this evolution miraculously ended within hours of this scrutiny.


It seems quite offensive that the President and his handlers believe the American pubic, particularly gays, to be so easily manipulated. (Though, in many instances it seems, that assumption is correct.)

How many stunts like this must it take for people to realize Obama is nothing more than a political opportunist? One who discounts nothing when it comes to gaining either a short or long term advantage.

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