Jon Lovitz: Another Hollywierder Mugged by Reality

Last week comedian Jon Lovitz appeared on a podcast to talk about his years on NBC’s Saturday Night Live. The conversation, though, veered toward politics and to many left-wingers it veered too to the right! On the pocast, Mr. Lovitz went on a tirade about what he feels are the tax lies Obama is unleashing on America causing Lovitz’ fair weather fans to take to their Twitter accounts in merciless attack on the funnyman.

We can call this episode a case of being mugged by reality. In fact a double dose of it, yeah, that’s the ticket.

Lovitz lambasted Obama as a “jackass” for constantly saying that the “rich” in America don’t pay their fair share. He also noted that despite what the liberals say, “the rich” don’t pay low tax rates. In fact, he feels they pay at least 50% of their income in taxes when all taxes of all sorts are added up. He also pointed out that he considers himself a liberal and he voted for Obama. Of course, as most comedians do today, Lovitz went for the blue language, but his rant was extremely heartfelt and passionate and it became the rant heard ’round the Internet — well, at least the rant du jour of last week, anyway.

Still, it is quite an event when a self-described liberal launches into such a discussion and carves out for himself an opinion from what most would imagine is right-wing territory. But there you have it. Lovitz was mugged by reality.

So, not only did Mr. Lovitz come to realize that Obama is simply lying about the rate of taxes being paid by wealthy Americans, not only has Lovitz realized that Obama’s campaign against successful Americans is nothing but the worst example of demagoguery and campaign rhetoric, but new he’s found out just how mean and vicious his pals on the left can be.

Lovitz appeared on the HLN’s Dr. Drew show and had this to say about his original comments:

What I don’t like is him saying that those people in that category who came from nothing and worked hard and made something of themselves are now, they’re not paying their fair share of taxes. And its like the one percent against the 99 percent. And its like a class warfare… he’s crating a class warfare in a country where there is no class structure. Anybody can go from being broke to being wealthy.

Its obviously transparent that he’s saying this to get votes from the masses

Lovitz didn’t mention his Twitter battle with his (former) fans, though. The day after his appearance on the SNL podcast went viral, Lovitz was savaged on Twitter by mind-numbed Obamabots attacking him.

So much for those “tolerant” lefties, eh, Mr. Lovitz?

Now you know what its like to be thought of as an eeeevil right-winger!

Mugged by reality, indeed.

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