The thug culture comes alive on Twitter and threatens George Zimmerman’s life

The question in my mind… is this the same thug culture that some have alleged Trayvon Martin to have been a part of?

Color me curious:

@xSimplyAniya: I think imma personally kill George Zimmerman ..anyone’s welcome to join (:” Leggggoooo !

Nay Nay (@HeLoves_SexcNay) April 23, 2012

someone pass me a gun, imma go follow zimmerman, shoot and kill him and say 

They done let Zimmerman free lets kill that MF

George Zimmerman Released From Jail 150,000 Bail! WTF! Nigga You Are About To Die, Start Writing Your Will! Justices Has Not Been Served

Others hoped someone else would take out Zimmerman so they wouldn’t have to dirty their hands.

Kill that mexican muther fucker george zimmerman

BREAKING: George Zimmerman released from Florida jail on $150,000 bond in  Martin shooting case -JM

@AP Kill george zimmerman

TF!!! Zimmerman was freed on bail? Kill that man

They let this nigga Zimmerman out of jail?! Somebody kill this dude already!

So I just found out that they released zimmerman dumb ass out of fuckin jail I hope somebody get that nigga! That bitch deserve to die smfh!

One genius called for the mob to murder Zimmerman because she thinks charges just disappear when someone makes bail.

Once u been convicted of a crime & let out on bail u can’t be charged 2x for the same thing so that means sum1 gonna have to kill Zimmerman


There’s much more, all of it ridiculously threatening (and more easily viewed at Twitchy).

It would seem that this is an excellent opportunity for the President to step up and ask that the heated rhetoric be toned down and that community leaders join in ensuring that it is.

In fact, given the President’s comments initially on the matter, I’d recommend he address those making these threats by first pointing out that some of them would look like his son if he had one.  I assume that would make them more likely to listen to his message.


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