Black School Kids Take Bat to Piñata Shaped Like White Woman, Media Yawns

Todd Starnes reports that the University of Memphis recently hastened to express its deep regret that it sponsored an event for grade school kids featuring the opportunity to have a grad ol’ time using a stick to smack around a piñata shaped like a white woman. No “racial or gender animosity was intended,” the University plaintively said.

In this day and age when the TV News goes crazy over every example of racism, real or perceived — and mostly just perceived — one cannot help but imagine that were this piñata shaped like a black woman, the media would have lost its tiny mind to report on this incident.

Still, local TV got into the act and noted that some locals were looking askance at the whole situation.

“It didn’t look right, just because of the social climate we’re in right now,” university student Veronica Birmingham told WMC. “How could somebody be so insensitive and not realize this might cause an issue?”

Now, this really isn’t racism at all. Not “reverse” not regular. The theme of the party being held by the university for the kids was a Hawaiian Luau. The piñata was supposed to represent a hula girl, not a “white woman.” It wasn’t even supposed to be a strict representation of Pacific Islanders, for that matter.

So, no, this was no incident of “racism.” And that it was a “white woman” piñata, well, that’s why you’ve not likely heard of this incident.

But, imagine if this were a black skinned piñata. Not only would the race baiters be out in full force but so would the women’s libbers (one in the same, of course). There would be boycotts, demands that people be fired, maybe even charges brought against any convenient patsy.

Sadly, truth rarely matters to the far left and this incident is a perfect example of the double standard of the press. If this were a black skinned piñata instead of a pink skinned one, it wouldn’t matter what the truth is or is not. The incident would be national news and would be played as an example of racism against blacks.

(H/T Moonbattery)

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