Barack Obama: Dog Eater

The extremists of the left (you know, Democrats) have been trying to make a big deal out of the time that Mitt Romney put his dog on top of his car in the dim, dark past. They say this proves that Romney is mean, evil, rotten, a dog-hating scumbag.

But in his own memoir President Obama said that he had actually eaten dogs when he lived in Indonesia.

… and yet, these hypocrite lefties say nothing about it. And when they do bother to recognize this in-his-own-words admission from Obama that he has actually eaten dogs, they explain it away as no big deal.

Now, to me neither case is of interest. But what IS of interest here is the hypocrisy of the leftists that want to get all exercised over Romney putting a dog atop a car yet NOT getting the least bit upset over Obama EATING dogs!

This is an obvious hypocrisy because putting a dog on a car pales in comparison to eating the damn thing. If these liars on the left really cared about dogs like they claim they do they’d be even more upset at Obama than they would at Romney.

But they aren’t.

This whole episode proves that they don’t give a damn about dogs. They only care about finding a political attack against Romney. The welfare of dogs is of no interest to them. Democrats and all their little minions are partisan liars through and through.

And now, I couldn’t resist making my own little Youtube movie…

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