ABC releases bloody photo of Zimmerman’s head (UPDATED)

Lots going on in the case today but the biggest news has got to be the release by ABC News of the following photo:


He apologized to Martin’s parents, an apology that was promptly rejected by the family attorney.

What is becoming clearer is that there needs to be lots of apologies put forth and most of them need to be directed at Zimmerman.

UPDATE: Professor Jacobson at Legal Insurrection has relevant and related comments:

I suspected this day would come, when all of those who jumped to politically driven conclusions about injuries or not to George Zimmerman would have to confront actual evidence.

So now the Martin family attorney who went on television to proclaim Zimmerman a liar about suffering head injuries will go back on television to admit he was wrong.  Right?

And that attorney will go before the jury and say something along the lines of, “All of you who saw me on television but don’t want to admit it because you’ll be kicked off the case, please know that I didn’t know what I was talking about, I didn’t wait for the evidence, and I am sorry.”  Right?

And all those in the left-blogosphere who completely politicized the incident and proclaimed a grainy video proof positive that Zimmerman was lying, without waiting for the evidence, will do the same.  Right?

Actually, what they’ll instead do is come up with more cockamamie stories and stick to their meme.  You know the meme.  George Zimmerman is a cold blooded racist murderer who stalked the doe eyed Trayvon Martin and shot him without cause.

Carry on.

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