“Go put some clothes on, you look naked”

Mark Shea brings us to events taking place in Britain:

Whipped Christians, timid about appearing “judgmental”, often capitulate to this sort of draconian post-Christian appeal to “judge not, lest ye be judged” and back down.  However, as this video demonstrates, some Britons are beginning to get a little taste of what happens when watery post-Christian secularism, accustomed to bullying meek Christians, meets inflamed and diseased Islam:

Mark goes on:

Secularist bullies and cultured despisers–the sort of people who hector Christians to be more understanding of “Piss Christ” and who perpetually rail about Judgmental Christians–knowing that Christians are required by their faith to “judge not, lest ye be judged”–are entirely flummoxed when they encounter a religious tradition where their favorite tactic of “Bully and Scold” suddenly no longer works.  Islam has, so far as I know, no injunction against frank, naked, and proud judgment against the infidel, and no sense of shame about indulging in such judgment.  Watery post-Christian secularism, which knows almost nothing of the differences between Christianity and Islam and generally assumes that if you’ve seen one Abrahamic religion you’ve seen ’em all is gobsmacked and utterly at a loss for words in the face of Radical Islam’s “Yes, I’m judging you and you’re going to hell, you sl*t” contempt for the infidel.  The whole attempt by the woman in the video to appeal to a sense of shame or humility is a total failure, as is her appeal to an imaginary verse in the Q’uran about “respect for law” when it is not Sharia law.  The whole thing only makes clear who immensely parasitic watery post-Christian secularism is on the Christian tradition.  It has learned how to turn certain aspects of Christian morality into a weapon against the Christian faith.  But it has absolutely no idea how to deal with a culture and religious tradition that holds those favorite shreds of the post-Christian morality in utter contempt.

The West must wake up… but actually must do more once awake.

Read the rest of Mark’s piece then pass it on. 

There’s a future at stake.

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