Jackson and Sharpton To Appear in Tulsa

Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton are bringing their game to the city of Tulsa. According to a story published by the Tulsa World, Jackson was invited to Tulsa by the State Legislative Black Caucus.  The same story says that Al Sharpton will also be making an appearance in Tulsa.

The newspaper story quotes statements that Jackson made during a conference call. I will provide an excerpt from the story, but I should warn you that you shouldn’t be drinking something as you start to read the excerpt, because it may cause you to spit up. Here is the excerpt:

Jackson said in a conference phone call Wednesday afternoon that the Tulsa shootings were not an isolated crime, but part of a pattern of attacks on blacks across the nation that the federal government needs to investigate.

“This year there have been 29 black men and one black woman killed by police,” he said.

He listed several recent cases of violence against blacks, including the Trayvon Martin case, in which the black Forida teen was shot and killed in a gated community by a neighborhood watch member who is of Hispanic and white heritage.

“There are a number of unsolved murders of black people” in Oklahoma, he said.

“There is a pattern of attacks on blacks here, and that’s why we’re urging the Department of Justice and the FBI to intervene. It’s not unlike the old South, where local officials spent an awful lot of time covering their tracks.

“What we really want is security and justice,” he said.

“Frankly, I cannot separate these acts from the mean-spirited attacks on the president himself,” he said. “He’s called stupid, not a member of our religion, …  There’s a toxic environment that’s raining down.”

Jackson praised Tulsa authorities and police for moving quickly and apprehending two men early Sunday in the Tulsa shootings, but said it was just a first step, “given the pattern of violent behavior against black people.”

He said his Rainbow PUSH Coalition is working to change laws on concealed weapons and assault rifles and “stand your ground” laws, which he called an incentive to vigilantism.

Now you know why I said a few days ago that it was bad that two white men had been arrested for the shooting of 5 black people in Tulsa (with 3 of them dying).

[Quote Source: The Rev. Jesse Jackson urges federal intervention, Tulsa World, A 1, April 12, 2012.]



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