Uh Oh! Mike Huckabee Opens First Radio Show With Planted, Shill Caller

On Monday former Arkansas Governor and former GOP candidate for President Mike Huckabee started his new nationally syndicated radio talk show. Unfortunately, his first “caller” hit quite a sour note starting the show off with a less than auspicious beginning.

The caller, a “Mike from San Francisco,” happened to be a staged, shill caller, one that Huckabee unethically foisted on his listeners as just a random caller.

Jeffrey Lord has the scoop over at The American Spectator, but essentially what seems to have happened is that “Mike from San Francisco” is in reality Mike McVay, the senior vice president of programming for the Cumulus Media Network and Huckabee’s boss.

More ridiculously, this “Mike from San Francisco” supposedly called mere seconds after Huckabee gave out the call-in number, so it is patently obvious that “Mike from San Francisco” was already on the line waiting to go on the air.

Huckabee had to have known that this faux caller was his own boss yet he did not inform his listeners that he was talking to a planted caller.

Nice ethics, Mike Huckabee. It’s a sour note with which to start your new radio career.

RINO radio, you’re on the air.

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