Petulant, Occupy Chicago Protesters Want Everything ‘Free’

This is the sort of thing that makes these idiotic Occupy whatevers… well, idiots.

Via Marathon Pundit, a cadre of comrades in the Occupy Chicago “movement” decided it would be a cool idea to have a “fare strike” and crash Chicago’s mass transit system in order to ride for free.

When Ruberry asked the gaudily masked nut what a fare strike was, he said that it means we pay “zero” to ride the bus and/or the train.

“It’s when a lot of people show up and say this is what we’re willing to pay for this public service,” he explained. “Today it was exactly zero.”

So, here’s a random question… how, exactly, do these morons think we can even have a mass transit system if no one even pays any fare to use them?

Even as it is, with riders paying a fare to use the services, the mass transit systems are mired in red ink. So, if we also take away the revenue from fares… how do they stay in business?

This kind of idiocy is why no one should take these twits in the Occupy whatever “movement” seriously. They are merely petulant, snotty,, childish, ignorant, half-wits that deserve to be ridiculed and marginalized.

Their “ideas” are half cocked, unintelligent, unworkable, and thoroughly un-American.

So, OWSers, please just shut up and go back to your parent’s basements. You are silly, foolish, useless human beings that offer precisely nothing to the debate.

Other than that, I like ’em just fine.

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