Nebraska GOP Senate Race Takes Odd Turn has a story that is a sign of the times. The story is titled “Nebraska Senate candidate accuses rival of trying to follow daughter on Twitter”.  I will leave it to you to read what happened. Here are my thoughts in response to the story:

1) Jon Bruning asked a legitimate question.  Bruning’s 14-year-old daughter is not a celebrity, and so it is a bit creepy for her to be followed on Twitter by a 62-year-old man who is not a relative of hers.

2) Don Stenberg’s answer may have been an honest one, but it makes him look foolish. The Anthony Weiner scandal should have taught Stenberg that he is accountable for anything that happens with his Twitter account.

3) Stenberg aide Dan Parsons is being tone deaf. How could Bruning’s daughter (or Bruning himself) have known that an automated service caused Stenberg’s Twitter account to follow Bruning’s daughter?  Bruning wasn’t attempting character assassination. His question was one that the father of any 14-year-old girl would have asked under those circumstances. Besides, if the children of politicians are supposed to be off limits during political campaigns, then it was reckless at best for Bruning’s daughter to be followed by Stenberg’s Twitter account even if Stenberg didn’t know that it was happening.

4) This issue would have been a minor one (no pun intended) if Stenberg aide Dan Parsons had simply explained how the Twitter error occurred and apologized to Bruning’s daughter for what happened.

5) Even if Bruning did divert attention away from his alleged support of Eric Holder (as if a politician never diverts attention away from a subject), the Twitter issues was a legitimate issue because a politician shouldn’t be following a rival’s minor child, even if such following is done so accidentally.

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