Next Time, Keep The Change

A waitress in Minnesota has decided to sue the police department after they told her that a $12,000 “tip” that was left at her table is being held as drug money. According to a local CBS affiliate, the waitress at a Fryn’ Pan restaurant in Clay County Minnesota found a box at her table, left by a customer. She followed the customer out to her car, but the woman told her to keep the box.

Inside, the waitress found rolls of cash totaling $12,000 dollars. Here’s where it didn’t pay her to be a fine, upstanding citizen. She called the authorities anyway, they told her to wait 90 days and if the money wasn’t claimed it would be hers.

After the 90 day waiting period, the waitress is now being told that the stash of Fryn’ Pan cash is being held as drug money.

I’m not sure how the law would work on this one, but it seems that the money should rightfully belong to the Fryn’ Pan waitress. But then again, if the local authorities have solid proof that the cash in question is drug money, would it then rightfully belong to the state in the due to it being considered evidence in an investigation?


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