Why are the deaths of these black men being ignored?(UPDATED)

While the death of Trayvon Martin, as tragic as it might be, is grabbing every headline imaginable?

HoodieMarchGeorge Zimmerman shot and killed Trayvon Martin, 17, in an altercation in Sanford, Florida. Police ruled it self-defense under Florida’s Stand Your Ground law. The federal government is investigating. Zimmerman is white, Martin was black.

The One Million Hoodie March is protesting. One person said: We are all Trayvon Martin.

Why not be Aliyah Shell?

She’s the 6-year-old that gangbangers shot and killed in Chicago while she was playing on her front porch over the weekend.

Why not be Joel Sanroman?

Gangbangers shout and killed him in Chicago over the weekend.

Why not be Adrian Cruz?

Why not be Vincent Fitts?

Why not be Jeremy Anthony?

Why not be Bert Lindsey?

Why not be Equilla Coleman?

Why not be Anthony Scott?

Why not be George Marrero?

All nine were shot and killed in gang-ridden Chicago, along with a 10th man whom police did not identify.

The Chicago Sun-Times has the story.

We know why. The One Million Hoodie marchers could not give a damn about Trayvor Martin, or Aliyah Shell, or any of the other victims of street crime. This is about repealing a law in Florida.

If the “black community” truly cared about the deaths of young black men, community leaders would have greatly reduced the numbers years ago. But the truth is, most of these self-appointed leaders of the “black community” have a different agenda in mind and really could not care less about black-on-black crime, which produces 85% of the black homicides in America.

Why are these deaths being ignored?

Seems pretty clear to anyone thinking rather than emoting, anyone who sees an agenda being foisted rather than a death being mourned, anyone willing to see that the race baiters are salivating at what they see to be an opportunity to exploit rather than a life to lament.

Trayvon Martin’s death is a tragedy.  But is his death any more a tragedy than the countless lives lost in Chicago and elsewhere?

Seriously.  Is it?

An honest answer is what is needed here, not a politicized answer purposed in doing nothing more than dividing this country along color lines.

UPDATE: Kathy Shaidle finds a post from Duane Brayboy of BlackInformant.com that I think makes the point I perhaps failed to make, and since Mr. Brayboy is black, he’ll likely, in some circles, come across as much more credible than yours truly:

By now most of us know of the tragic story of young Trayvon Martin who was shot for simply looking suspicious. According to the story, Martin was simply walking home from the local corner store when he was approached by a man who later shot and killed him against the warnings of the 911 operator. What has most people up in arms about this story is the fact that the gunner has not been charged with a crime. I think that any parent would be upset if their child was senselessly killed, such in this Martin case. Like many others who are following this story, I am also very upset.

When I logged onto Facebook this morning, I was flooded with links to the 911 recordings on the night that Martin was killed. People are wasting no time getting this story out.
But allow me to post some other recent stories that took place recently.

“16 shot, 1 dead, across city Friday night and Saturday morning” (Chicago)
“3 Dead, 5 Wounded in Citywide Shootings” (Chicago)
“Arrests in Chelsea Homicide” (New York)
“Police Rule Homicide in Fairfield Shooting Death” (Cincinnati)
“Riverside police offer $50,000 reward for information on teen’s killer” (Riverside, CA)
“Antion West, 38″ (Los Angeles)
“Talbert Gorum, 48″ (Los Angeles)
“Timothy James, 44″ (Los Angeles)

These are just SOME of the stories that took place in this country just in the last couple of weeks. But while many of you were sending out invites to join Farmville, posting silly pictures, updates on American Idol, or liking the latest cool webpage, innocent Black men and women were being murdered. And in most cases, BY OTHER BLACK PEOPLE!!

Some time ago I made the statement “What we value, we hold accountable”. While there is this sudden mad rush to hold Martin’s killer accountable for his crimes (as it should be), where was all the concern about the killers of these innocent people listed above? Where were all the links? Like it or not, many of you are demonstrating that you VALUE justice only when it applies to White people. But for your own, ehhh, we do not expect as much. What you are doing is lowering your expectancy of your own people while constantly raising it for Whites. Something is wrong with this picture.

Just like in Martin’s case, many of the people who have killed their fellow Black people will never be charged with a crime, or will be found by authorities. Why? Because of a culture on “no snitching” that has taken a stronghold on many of our communities. In other words, never “dime out” another Black person to authorities.

Like many of you, I hope that Martin’s killer is prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. But I’ll be damned if I sit here and ignore the murders of hundreds of Black men and women every month in this country just because they were not shot by a White man.

Much more in the comments worth your time.

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