Now Illinois Dems Want Crook They Supported in Primary to Step Down?

Now the very same accused criminal that Chicago Democrats wanted people to vote for in Tuesday’s primary is being pressured to to step down from his office now that he won — pressured by the exact same Democrat officials that told people to vote for him only three days ago. This particular story is a perfect example of how Democrats a). Don’t care what voters want, b). Don’t care if their elected officials are crooks, c). Would rather see criminals in office than see a single Republican win an election.

To recap: Derrick Smith was appointed by the party to take a State Rep seat left empty by another Rep that moved on to a different office. As soon as he got in that office he began soliciting a bribe to fill his pockets. The FBI arrested him and charged him with the crime. Up comes the primary and Chicago Democrats, including Congressman Danny Davis, told Chicago voter to vote for this crook anyway because a criminal in office is better than having any Republican, says Davis and his crook-supporting crew The primary arrives and this crook wins his election. And now that he won

The Democrats’ endgame is to muscle Smith off the ballot and out of the House. Gov. Pat Quinn and Secretary of State Jesse White on Wednesday called on Smith to resign; Davis said Smith should not appear on the November ballot.

Just what is going on here?

It’s the most cynical ploy in all of politics. You see, if the Republican opponent won Smith’s seat the Democrat Party would lose control of the seat. So, they supported the crook, then want to muscle him out so that they may appoint the next bribe-taking, crook to fill that seat…. one THEY control.

Even Governor Quinn, the putative leader of the State Democrat Party, ignored the situation previous to the primary. Remember when Quinn styled himself as an advocate for the people? That is ancient history, isn’t it?

Remember this, too. The Democrat Party in Illinois is the President’s way. He’s brought this sort of vile corruption right to our nation’s capitol.

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