Definitely not Mensa qualified

Five students at the University of Southern Mississippi lost their band scholarships and band memberships after they did something utterly stupid.

The AP reports, “Southern Mississippi has revoked the scholarships of five members of its pep band who took part in the heckling of a Kansas State basketball player at last Thursday’s NCAA  men’s basketball tournament game.”

The story goes on to say, “Southern Miss issued an apology last week to Kansas State point guard Angel Rodriguez after he was the target of chants of “Where’s your green card?” during the Wildcats’ 70-64 second-round victory in the NCAA tournament.”

Now, if you are going to throw away a college scholarship by chanting “Where’s your green card?”, then perhaps you should first learn the place of origin of the target of your chant. As it turns out, Angel Rodriguez is a Puerto Rican, and Puerto Ricans are U.S. citizens by birth.

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