Mayor Emanuel Puts Himself in GOP Primary Race, Joins ‘Republican War on Women’ Lie

Mayor Emanuel has not left Barack Obama. This is clear with his latest foray into national political issues by joining Obama’s orchestrated “Republican war on women” lie that has been drummed up to take America’s attention away from Obama’s monumental failures as president. To help his old boss, Emanuel decided to pipe up about Rush Limbaugh’s slut-gate comments, absurdly attempting to lay the controversy at Mitt Romney’s feet.

You’ll recall the White House-orchestrated contraceptives campaign led by 30-year-old Sandra Fluke, a long time left-wing activist, that prompted Limbaugh to call the gay-rights activist a “slut” for wanting the American people to pay for her thousands of dollars a year in sex aides. Consequently Emanuel decided to add his voice to the fake “war on women” meme.

Here is what he said about the issue:

Now I’m not going to give advice to Republicans. They don’t take it and I don’t want to give it. They’ll make whatever decision they want to make. You just take a look at the fortitude, the strength, the determination and the vision the president made on the auto industry and juxtapose it to Mitt Romney, who doesn’t have the fortitude, the strength or the character in my view to stand up to Rush Limbaugh. How can he stand up and make a decision to save 1.3 million manufacturing jobs?

This is, of course, a pile of horse hockey. Romney had no need to “stand up to Rush.” Rush is not a party leader, he is not an elected official, and what he says as an entertainer on the radio does not rise to the necessity of any candidate to attack him for it.

Further, Rush’s main points — “slut” comment aside — were 100% right, anyway. So, if Romney were to attack Rush he’d have to come out in support of the un-American, left-wing concepts pushed by Obama and Emanuel.

The truth is, the only “war” going on is the left’s, Obama’s and Emanuel’s war on religion in America. Because THAT is what this crux of this issue is about. There is no war on women. There is no GOP attempt to stop women from getting contraception. The question is who must pay for it.

The big government left wants you and me to pay for these “sluts” to get free sex aides through our taxes. Or, barring that, the left wants our employers to pay for it — even if those employers are religious-based institutions that are against contraception as a matter of religious conscience.

The Republican argument is that the individual should pay for his own contraception. No Republicans want women barred from contraception. They are simply standing for the true American concept of personal responsibility. You pay for your own contraception. It’s really that simple.

There is no “war on women.” Period.

In any case, with Rahm Emanuel inserting himself unwanted in national issues and Republican primary business, we see Rahm trying to bow to Obama still and keep his name on the lips of those in Washington. It is clear that Rahm Emanuel still harbors dreamy dreams of being America’s first Jewish ballerina president.

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