A priest and a lesbian walk into a bar . . .

Earlier this month, a news report stated that a Roman Catholic priest had been suspended from some of his duties because he refused to serve communion to a lesbian.

Well, there is much more to this story than was reported. Apparently, the lesbian used the occasion of her mother’s funeral to do her impersonation of Sandra Fluke.

In short, she deliberately violated the protocols of the Roman Catholic Mass in order to draw attention to her lesbian lifestyle, which is something that the Roman Catholic Church does not condone. Instead of conforming to established Catholic protocols pertaining to the Mass, the woman wanted Catholic officials to conform to her desires.  The only thing missing in this story is Gloria Allred.

Well, now the priest has given his side of the story. Once you have read it, you will – in the words of the great Paul Harvey – “know the rest of the story.”


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In a related matter, plenty of people are expressing their support for the above-mentioned Catholic priest, including a homosexual man who is not Catholic. Sadly, another of the priest’s supporters used the occasion of the homosexual’s support to belittle Christians who are not members of the Roman Catholic Church.

Well, what that second person did is wrong.  If you are going to hijack another person’s story (the priest’s story in this case) in order to accuse non-Catholic Christians of not being Christians, then have the courage to do so on a website where Catholics and non-Catholics can debate in a neutral forum, such as Beliefnet or Debating Christianity.

A priest, a rabbi, and Sandra Fluke walk into a bar...
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