The Veruca Salt School of Feminism


Some may say it’s a distraction from what should be the core issue discussed – the economy – between now and November, but I reject that idea and will keep railing on this Fluke character for a while.  Because in a way, well-to-do beggars shamelessly standing before a panel in Washington tugging at some Congress critters’ free-spending heartstrings has everything to do with where the economy is today.  Neither party has a monopoly on rolling out sob stories to justify their largess.  Identity politics drives the worst of it, and Fluke is a shining example.

Bachelors in some genre of women’s studies; then Georgetown Law.  To the extent she has any success in her chosen profession she will be a drain on US productivity.  She’ll go on to a career of waterboarding census and hiring data into confessing discrimination at the DOJ.  Companies will spend billions complying with the litigation she spawns.  At least with one of those basket weaving degrees we used to joke about you could contribute to the economy by selling baskets.

Unless I’ve moved around so much the monthly newsletters aren’t getting forwarded I’m pretty sure there’s no nationwide conspiracy to discriminate against women.  Honestly, I don’t know that there’s a place on Earth you could point to where women have as much freedom for self determination.  We’ve got women astronauts.  Classic childhood career cliche.  When I grow up I wanna be an astronaut.  All that’s left is President.

Yet oh how gleefully they’d destroy a female Republican presidential candidate.  They’d dig up every dude who got so much as a wank off of her.  For the Women.

Football.  Women don’t have football.  Except that lingerie kind that bafflingly upsets feminist types.  Their bodies, their choice.  Porn too.  If a woman chooses to have sex with a gym full of anonymous jokers how is she being exploited?  You’d think these women would be feminist icons.  Morality is such a sorted business.

This Fluke character is so imbued in leftism that the notion of the government forcing the Catholic institution from whom she chose to purchase health insurance to add free birth control against their conscience isn’t unseemly, it’s required.  She chooses to immerse herself in a dispute between government and religious conscience because she wants something and she doesn’t want to pay for it.

Ya know, Ms. Fluke, insurance that costs $20 a month for a recurring, monthly $90 expense isn’t insurance.  It’s a subsidy.  Insurance covers things you don’t expect to happen.  I know I sure as hell don’t want anything back out of my health insurance company.  It’s not a damn investment fund.

So why does she have to be provided free birth control?  Other than because she wants it, of course.  She is woman, hear her roar.  Well roar your ass on down to Allstate and get yourself a policy that covers everything you want covered.

You wonder why employers are reluctant to hire?  God only knows what the next round of wants is going to wring out of Obamacare.  Benefit costs are about to blow-up and a whole hell of a lot of people who like the plan they’ve got will be losing their plan.  Fluke is no fluke.  Fluke is Obama, Fluke is Sebelius, Fluke is Holder.  Laying the groundwork for employers to be told to bugger off and do as their told.

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