Trouble in South Carolina

First it was then-Governor Mark Sanford. Now it is this:

 South  Carolina Lt. Gov. Ken Ard resigned Friday amid a criminal investigation into  whether he spent campaign money on personal items.

The FOXNews story goes on to say this:

Ard easily won election in 2010, and then freely  spent campaign cash on tickets to the 2010 Southeastern  Conference title game where South Carolina’s football team played, as well  as iPads, clothes, a flat-screen television and video game system. One spending  spree at a Best Buy emptied $3,056 from his account.

Ard paid the $48,000 fine in July after being hit  with 107 civil counts of using campaign cash for personal expenses that also  included a family vacation, clothes and meals. He also had to pay $12,500 to  cover the costs of the state Ethics Commission investigation and had to  reimburse his campaign $12,000.

In a January 2011 interview in Columbia’s Free Times newspaper, Ard said this:

I’ll be honest, I’m not really good at dotting i’s and crossing t’s, but I’ve  got a lot — a lot — of money in here and I’m certainly not spending any money  on my own personal behalf. … I’ve got a vast amount of my personal wealth tied  up in this campaign and I’m just trying to recoup as much of that as I can.

Yes, you read correctly.  In the same sentence Ard said “I’ll be honest” and “I’m certainly not spending any money on my own personal behalf.” Oh, what a contradiction that is.

I hope that Ard enjoys the TV that he bought with campaign cash, because now he has plenty of time to watch it.

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