Gloria Allred: Rush Should Be Arrested


Rush Limbaugh has drawn the ire of celebrity lawyer Gloria Allred, who sent a letter to the Palm Beach County state attorney requesting an investigation into whether the popular radio host should be prosecuted for calling a law student a “slut” and “prostitute” last week.

“Mr. Limbaugh targeted his attack on a young law student who was simply exercised her free speech and her right to testify before congress on a very important issue to millions of American women and he vilified her. He defamed her and engaged in unwarranted, tasteless and exceptionally damaging attacks on her,” Allred told POLITICO Friday afternoon. “He needs to face the consequences of his conduct in every way that is meaningful.”

As is becoming commonplace with liberals, Allred’s statement is ripe with hypocrisy. While she maintains that the “young”, “innocent”, “student”, was only exercising her right to free speech, she neglects to acknowledge that Rush Limbaugh was exercising his right to free speech as well.

Sandra Fluke, Gloria Allred should be calling in three, two, ….

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