Texas Dems Fundraiser Falsehoods, Wisc. Dems, More False Accusations Against True The Vote

Using falsehoods to sell candidates to voters has an unfortunate but long history in these United States. It is bad enough when mud is slung between single candidates in hard fought electoral contests, but when official communications from established political parties is based on outright falsehoods, one has to take a step back. Such is the case with the Texas Democrat Party attacking the voter integrity group True The Vote in a recent fundraising letter.

The Texas Democrat Party sent out a fundraising letter on February 29 alerting Texas Democrat donors that Houston-based True The Vote had gotten involved in the Wisconsin recall petition signature verification effort. Sadly, the Party decided use incendiary language to paint a negative picture of the voter integrity group and cast a long list of falsehoods against them in order to cajole dollars out of donors. (See image of letter here)

Calling the group an “infamous voter intimidation group,” for instance, is beyond that pale. This is a claim made solely by True The Vote’s enemies, not one actually proven as true. One would think that a legitimate state party would not use blatantly false statements in official communications, but here we see it anyway.

The fact is, True The Vote has never been convicted of anything. No actual proof exists that the group has “intimidated” a single voter. Not only has True The Vote never been convicted of anything there aren’t even any active investigations into its actions at this time.

Yet here is the Democrat Party of the State of Texas slinging around words as if there is some sort of proof to support the hyperbole. Voters should be ashamed of this party for employing such illicit tactics.

There are more false claims in the party-sponsored email. The Democrat operatives, for instance, claim that GOP candidates and party officials “assigned” True The Vote and its sister group the King Street Patriots to act as poll watchers in recent elections in Houston. This is another falsehood. There has been no inappropriate coordination between KSP and True The Vote and the Texas GOP or any particular candidate on either a state or a local level.

Another sleight of hand indulged by the Democrat Party is the claim that the U.S. Department of Justice was called on the group because of the “many instances of voter intimidation.” But the facts belie the Democrat’s claim.

Not only did the King Street Patriots themselves call for the Dept. of Justice to help during the election, after the election no instances of actual voter intimidation was ever substantiated. So constant claims by Democrats that the group is a “voter intimidation” group is simply untrue.

Further, even the Department of Justice now controlled by Barack Obama has announced that it is not investigating any Tea Party group, much less the King Street Patriots.

Absurdly, the fundraising letter attempts to use footnotes and links to faux news sites to prove its false contentions. The first link leads to the “eyewitness reports” created by Democrat Party operatives none of which have ever been proven true. The second link goes to the left-wing blog site Huffington Post. Neither link offers any actual proof of the allegations contained in the fundraising letter.

Despite all that the Texas Democrat Party has persisted with its nuisance lawsuit against the group all just in an effort to keep its false claims alive while jamming up the courts with its own political intimidation tactics.

But it isn’t just Democrat officials in Texas castigating TTV with false allegations. Graeme Zielinski, the Director of Communications for the Wisconsin Democrat Party, claimed on his Twitter feed that TTV was “implicated in arson,” no less!

This is simply untrue in every respect. TTV has sent the Democrat Party of Wisconsin a cease and desist letter demanding that the party stop peddling these calumnies.

“We hereby demand an immediate retraction of this libelous, defamatory and completely false statement, together with a formal apology from both Mr. Zielinski and the Wisconsin Democratic Party,” the letter says.

These actions by the Texas and Wisconsin Democrat Parties should be denounced by any voter interested in truth and justice. Their cynical and destructive actions should be rejected.

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