“The administration pretends that this is about contraception. It is not.”

Americans United for Life have put out a video that needs to go viral:

Do your part to help spread that one around. And go by The Anchoress’ place and thank her for the find. She’s got a thing or two to say about it all:

Let’s keep making believe that entities besides Democrats, Democrat operatives and the Mainstream Media are talking about banning contraception.

Let’s keep promulgating the utter lie — and that’s all it is, a big, fat lie — that some mean, out-of-touch bishops are trying to take women’s birth control away from them! You know, the birth control that the CDC reports (pdf) 99% of American women call readily available and affordable.

Let’s keep talking about a 30-year old student/activist (who attends one of the priciestschools in the country) whining to congress that her birth control should be free, and pretending that this is a real issue.

Let’s keep pretending — along with the phonies who act out cases of the vapors when they think it’s politically expedient to do so, that a radio talk show host who used vulgarisms about her is somehow more misogynistic and more vulgar than the cable-tv hosts who have called conservative women c***s, or the cable-news guys who call them “sluts” or “bags of meat with lipstick”. EtcEtc.

I mean, let me be clear — I think Limbaugh went down a foolish and unconstructive route with his vulgarisms. But excuse me if I remain unpersuaded by the hysterics and demands for“repudiations” from people who were not the tiniest bit scandalized when other women — the wrong sorts of women, not “real” women, I guess — were called names that were equally as vulgar if not more so. Spare me the theatrics, please. If Limbaugh is to be burned if effigy, let him be joined by Bill Maher, Keith Olbermann and others to be named later.

If you’re not willing to do that, then shut up. Stop pretending.

There’s more.  Go now and read the rest.  It’s well worth the few minutes it’ll take.  Then pass her piece and that video on.  

Stop the lie in its tracks.  Take The Anchoress’ words to those who are spouting off about this so called war on women.

Shut up and stop pretending.

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