Sheriff Joe Arpaio To Hold News Conference Concerning Obama’s Citizenship Questions

Well this should be fun to watch, regardless. As much as I’d love to see Arpaio’s press conference reveal that Obama was born in another country, thereby making him ineligible to hold the office he now occupies, I doubt that’s what will happen. Sheriff Joe Arpaio was asked to investigate Obama’s citizenship eligibility on behalf of the Surprise Tea Party in Arizona, he then formed the Cold Case Posse which has been looking into the matter.

The furor over Obama’s birth certificate or eligibility has died down over the last couple of years compared to what it was when he first arrived on the scene. The fact that his biological father was from Kenya, he lived in Indonesia as a child, and he was reluctant to produce proof of his birth in Hawaii all added up to a suspicious set of circumstances in some individuals minds.

Numerous lawsuits have been filed in various state’s across the country trying to keep Obama off of their Presidential ballots on the grounds that he isn’t a natural born citizen as the Constitution requires. So far, nothing has come of any suit brought against Obama on these grounds.

Joseph Farah, the editor of World Net Daily has been an ardent supporter of investigations into Obama’s past. He has insisted that it’s imperative that the truth of Obama’s citizenship be known whether he’s legit or not.

Farah said of the investigation by Arpaio and the press conference tomorrow, that the results of the investigation and what’s revealed could be a “game changer.” Sheriff Arpaio himself said the findings “could be a shock.”

World Net Daily will be streaming live the press conference that will be held at 3 p.m. Eastern time tomorrow.

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