Is Media Matters becoming anti-Jewish?

Harvard Law School professor Alan Dershowitz seems to think so.  In an opinion piece published by New York Daily News, Dershowitz says the following:

It’s the kind of virulent hate speech you’d expect to find on a neo-Nazi  website or in a Patrick  Buchanan column: American Jews who support current Israeli policies are  accused of dual loyalty and called “Israel firsters.”

AIPAC (the American Israel Public Affairs Committee) fares even worse: “Saying AIPAC is guilty of dual loyalty is giving it credit for one more loyalty  than it holds.”

In other words, this widely respected American organization, and the hundreds  of thousands of Jews (and Christians) who support it, have absolutely no loyalty  to our nation; their sole loyalty is to the foreign nation of Israel.

This false accusation of disloyalty to country was a central tenet of  Nazism, Stalinism and other anti-Semitic regimes. Today, it is the mantra of Jew  haters and neo-Nazis.

So who is spouting this hateful rhetoric today?

Dershowitz answers his own question:

The author of these hateful quotes is MJ  Rosenberg, who is the senior foreign policy fellow of Media Matters.  Speaking at a symposium, Rosenberg explained why Media Matters hired him:

“Until I got there [Media Matters\] had nothing on foreign policy. They hired  me specifically to be involved with this issue, with the Palestinian issue, with  [the issue of\] stopping the war with Iran.”

Read Dershowitz’s entire opinion piece, and then discuss what it says.


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