Liberal Opposition To Natural Law

New York Representative Kathy Hochul, a Democrat, is no doubt completely ignorant when it comes to the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. There isn’t, unfortunately enough for us, a requirement that anyone seeking elected office have at least a basic understanding of our founding documents and how those documents came to be.

The founders of this country relied upon what we would call Natural Law to establish not only those documents that lay out our natural rights, but also to establish the negative liberties within, that are designed to keep a tyrannical government from infringing upon those rights that they had no hand in creating. Despite rhetoric that implies the contrary, government cannot grant or take away the natural rights set forth in our founding documents.

At a town hall meeting yesterday, Rep. Hochul not only admitted that they [Congress] were not looking at the Constitution when they wrote and passed Obamacare and the mandates that are contained therein, she also said that “it has been decided by this Congress” that American citizens were “entitled to healthcare.” And because of that, the Catholic Church, insurance companies, and whoever else would be required to pay for it.

True enough, “this Congress” has decided that Americans are “entitled” to a lot of things. Not just this Congress, but previous and most likely, subsequent Congresses will decide on their own that Americans as well as those not yet citizens of this country are “entitled” to things that the government does not have the authority to grant as a right.

Healthcare, housing, food, clothing, internet, a vehicle to drive, flat screen television’s, cell phones, you name it, the government these days seems to grant it as a right. But what they don’t seem to understand is that by doing so they are usurping the authority of the Creator who established Natural Law and natural rights. Natural rights preceded the Constitution. Natural rights preceded even the very first Congress. Natural rights are beyond the grasp of any man, woman, or government entity to be able to grant or take away.

Why do liberals and statists continue to be so insolent when it comes to granting and taking away rights? I think it’s nothing more than their deep seeded belief that the state is the be all end all of granting rights, with no other force ever devised being as powerful as the state. It’s not by accident that most liberals, statists, communists, socialists, Marxists, or whatever label you want to add, hold a disdain for the idea of a Creator endowing them and their fellow man with rights that are inalienable.

The god complex within the statist gives them the authority to deem that mere commodities such as healthcare or access to high speed internet be considered rights that all men must have.

Unfortunately for the rest of us that realize that there is something larger than ourselves or even the state that has granted us rights that can’t be given or taken away, we have to endure the cost, both monetarily and culturally while the Liberal battle against Natural Law is waged.


"Wisdom is the rarest quality of all"
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