Liberal Hate

Liberalism comes in two forms, each having its own origin.  Material (or fiscal) liberalism is born out of the desire to avoid competing for resources, goods and services. Social liberalism is born out of the desire to do whatever is emotionally pleasing. The post that follows pertains specifically to social liberalism.

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In a post of his, Paul made an excellent point that became lost in the ruckus pertaining to another post. Here is what he said:

We live in a world where liberals have set themselves up as the ultimate moral authority. They and they alone (and certainly not the church) are allowed to say what is moral and what is not. They say who is virtuous and who is to be hated. And the liberals have said it is ok to hate religious people. Sadly we as a nation have largely adopted their skewed morality.

Paul’s point is illustrated whenever liberals claim that hatred is the motivation behind some conservative beliefs. As it turns out, that claim of hatred is nothing but projection on the part of liberals.

[Wikipedia defines projection as “a psychological defense mechanism where a person subconsciously denies his or her own attributes, thoughts, and emotions, which are then ascribed to the outside world, usually to other people. Thus, projection involves imagining or projecting the belief that others originate those feelings.”]

For example, plenty of conservatives have expressed opposition to same-sex marriage. A common liberal response to that opposition is the claim that the opposition is the result of a hatred of homosexuals. Indeed, should a conservative express a disaproval of a same-gender sexual relationship, that conservative will be accused of being homophobic.

Yet, opposition to sex-gender sexual activity isn’t the result of hate. Instead, it is the result of a person using a particular standard to judge morality, to judge right from wrong. For many American conservatives, that particular standard is the Bible.  Both the Tanak (the standard of practicing Jews) and the New Testament (the standard of practicing Christians) speak ill of same-gender sexual relationships. So, Jews (in general) and Christians (in general) disapprove of same-gender sexual relationships because their standard of morality disapproves of such sexual relationships.

For religious conservatives, the only hate pertaining to the issue of same-gender sexual behavior is the hate that liberals have for the standard of morality used by religious conservatives.

Recently, Rick Santorum was criticized for his opinion about birth control. As he sees it, the availability of contraceptives has encouraged people to engage in sexual activity that goes against the standard of morality used by Santorum, and that particular standard is religious in origin.

Mitt Romney was verbally attacked by Charles Blow because Romney dared to suggest that out-of-wedlock births cause problems for society.  Romney’s opposition to out-of-wedlock births is influenced (at least in part) by the standard of morality used by Mormons, which is probably why Blow took a jab at Romney’s Mormon faith.

As I see it, liberal hate is born out of a liberal’s desire to do whatever pleases the liberal, to give the liberal’s flesh what it wants.  Whenever a conservative uses a standard of morality that conflicts with the liberal’s desire, the liberal will accuse the conservative of hatred, when in reality it is the liberal who hates the standard of morality used by the conservative. If that standard originates from a particular religion, then the liberal is prone to attack someone who practices that religion. That is why some liberals act as if it were OK to hate religious people. That is why left-leaning publications will pay attention to an attack on people of a particular race or ethnicity, but pay no attention to an attack on people of a particular faith.

Of course, what I have said here is a generalization of liberal hate. It is always possible that a liberal will have a just cause to hate something, but if it is a just cause, then a conservative will hate it, too.

I would like for someone in the national media to start asking liberals what standard of morality that they judge conservatives by.  How liberals respond to that inquiry ought to be amusing.

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