“This entire political fire storm is a set-up by the Administration”

As a blogger who has folllowed Elizabeth Scalia for years now, I perk up when she declares some piece a must read.

Consider myself perked up after reading this Forbes column by Charles Kadlec, who states unequivocally that he is not a Catholic nor does he affirm the Church’s position on contraception:

Power-grabThe story line that President Obama miscalculated in picking this fight with the Catholic Church vastly underestimates the man’s political skill and ambition. His initial approval of the ruling requiring the Church pay for abortion drugs and sterilization was but the first step in a calculated strategy to further his goal of transforming America.

President Obama chose to pick this fight with the Catholic Church by choosing to release the regulations first, and then, as he explained in last Friday’s statement to the press, spend “the next year (before the new regulations take effect) to find an equitable solution that would protect religious liberty and insure that every woman has access to the care that she needs.” The alternative would have been to find the “equitable solution” before announcing the regulations. In other words, this entire political fire storm is a set-up by the Administration.

The original HHS ruling put the Catholic Church into the position of choosing one of these two options:

Option A: The Church complies with the law and violates its own teachings and principles of faith. Such a choice would strip the Church of its legitimacy and make it a de facto vassal of the state. In this case, the ability of the Church to challenge the government’s political power is vastly reduced, if not completely destroyed. Faith, charity and civil society are marginalized. Government wins.

Option B: The Church as a matter of conscience refuses to obey the law, and stops offering health insurance to its employees. In this case, the Church gets crushed by hundreds of millions of dollars in fines. As a consequence, its ability to fulfill its religious mission by funding hospitals, schools and charities is sharply reduced if not destroyed. As the Church is forced to withdraw from its active role in civil society, those who believe in government will rush to fill the void. Faith, charity and civil society are marginalized. Government wins.

The risk to President Obama was the Church would create “Option C” and engage in a broad political battle to force the full repeal of the ruling or, if that fails, the defeat of President Obama in the November election followed by the repeal of ObamaCare. Under Option C, government’s power is reduced. Faith, charity and civil society win.

There’s more, and I agree with Ms. Scalia.  It’s a must read.

The question now can arguably be boiled down to this. 

Will hatred for the Catholic Church and what she allegedly stands for (and I say allegedly because so much of what fuels opposition to the Church is ignorant hogwash) get in the way of this country’s defense of liberty?

Will Obama successfully couch this as a women’s rights issue when in reality it’s freedom’s right to be recognized and affirmed?

It’s time to choose sides.  We are literally at a crossroads.  More people are recognizing this as each day passes but not enough to quash what it is Obama and his minions are attempting.

What side are you on?  Will you believe the lies or will you affirm the truth? Or putting it more bluntly, is your ability to recognize truth still existent?

I hope so.  For all our sakes and the sake of the future of this country.

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