A Record 19 ‘Journalists’ And Media Executives Join Obama Administration

It’s not like this news is really news, but a record 19 “journalists” and media executives threw away their pads and pens for the glamorous life of an Obama lackey. Included in the 19 were 5 from the Washington Post, and 3 each from ABC and CNN. According to the Washington Examiner most of them ended up in the communications department or in speech writing, including the head wombat Jay Carney.

For some Washington reporters and media execs, cheering their team from the sidelines just isn’t good enough: Tugging on a red, white and blue Team Obama jersey is the answer.

That’s the case for a whopping 19 journalists and media executives, including five from the Washington Post and three each from ABC and CNN, who’ve gone into the administration or center-left groups supporting the president.

Those inside the administration hit 14 this month when the Post’s Stephen Barr joined the Labor Department. That’s a record, say some revolving door watchers, and could even be much higher: The Post reports that “dozens” of former journalists have joined the administration, although Washington Secrets couldn’t verify that tally.

Many are in communications and speech writing offices, most prominently Jay Carney, the president’s spokesman who ran Time’s Washington bureau, and husband to ABC’s Claire Shipman. Some joined as the news business collapsed, many to finally voice their politics, and others, notably former Transportation spokeswoman Jill Zuckman, because she liked her future boss, Secretary Ray LaHood, a rare Republican in the administration. That relationship rocked: LaHood broke through the lower-tier Cabinet P.R. ceiling to become one of the most well-known Transportation secretaries ever. She had worked for the Chicago Tribune.

Don’t look at this as some sort of confirmation that the media is in the tank for Obama. Look at it as the beginning of the end of the lame stream media. Eventually, if enough of them leave their “journalist” positions in favor of Obama lackey positions, they might eventually be replaced with actual journalists who will actually report the news instead of trying to shape it into something favorable for their guy.
Here’s hoping, anyway.
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