“I have never seen such a determination to divide”

Another Catholic responds to Obama’s HHS mandate, and vigorously:

VictoryTo whom it may concern, 

This response to our petition to remove the HHS mandate is an insult. Pardon my language and frankness, but you must really think that people like me are idiots. As disappointing as this may seem to you, I can actually read and understand the true intent of this letter…just as I understand the intent of this mandate. You can’t hide your true intent behind the niceties of this letter. Your intentions are clear and they still threaten quite a few freedoms. 

This response proves to me that you are ignoring our concerns and simply going ahead with a plan that violates the consciences of many employers who will now have to choose between adhering to an unfair law and forgetting about religious freedom…or refusing to violate their conscience and face the legal repercussions. For an administration that sold messages of “hope” and unification in the last election, I have never seen such a determination to divide a nation for the sake of self-interests. I know exactly what sort of organizations support this mandate and who they supported during election time. You can’t hide this between pleasant words and your futile attempts at relating to our cause and concerns are appalling. 

Your response to our petition is shameful. You should be ashamed of your condescending tone, your attempts to patronize the people behind the petition, the biased sources you used to justify your argument…and your inability to cooperate with those whose conscience you refuse to understand. I am ashamed that this country’s history will be forever blemished by this unreasonable administration and forever tarnished by the lack of willingness on this administration’s part to truly cooperate with people who simply cannot and should not comply with a law that violates consciences. America was not created for the rights of its citizens to be trampled upon by a government that refuses to genuinely address our concerns. It was created in defiance, in response to an unreasonable king and empire that refused to address the concerns of its colonies….a king that chose, instead, to impose restrictions and unfair laws on his “colonists.”

Surely you must see how this mandate controversy parallels with the controversy that led to the formation of this nation. 

I was born into a country that prided itself in the freedoms held by its people. These freedoms made this nation great and they were a hope to the oppressed of nations ruled by tyrants. How dare you support a blatant violation to these freedoms? How dare you attempt to promote a known carcinogen as health care? How dare you quote Planned Parenthood in a matter of conscience and religious freedom…an organization that PROFITS from abortions, contraception, etc? 

How dare you mock us with such a rubbish compromise? Even if the burden falls on insurance companies to carry these “treatments,” it is still the money of the employer (Catholic or otherwise) that pays for this coverage. NOTHING CHANGED WITH THIS COMPROMISE. Did you really think we were stupid enough to believe this “compromise” was actually a true compromise? YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED for attempting to pull the wool over our eyes. You should be ashamed for insulting our intelligence with your condescension. We are not fools. We are Americans who know our rights. We know what the word “freedom” truly means…even if the current administration is confused by this concept. 

America deserves better than this administration. America deserves better than this mandate. I will continue to protest against it. I will continue to make my voice heard.

Thank you,

Barbara Soares

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