Obama’s Energy Policy In Action

Or is that inaction?


Fantastic. China, Canada reach quick deals on oil, uranium

By Jazz Shaw | HotAir

Last month we discussed the rather alarming news that Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper was planning a trip to China to discuss possible natural resources deals with the economic superpower. It seemed no coincidence that the trip was announced close on the heels of Barack Obama’s decision to kick the can down the road on the Keystone XL pipeline yet again. But at that time, I retained some hope that perhaps this was just a warning siren to Obama which would remind him that Canada had plenty of other options should we decide not to do business with them.

Apparently Harper hasn’t cared much for what he’s been hearing out of Washington and found a very willing ear across the Pacific because it seems that some deals have been struck already.

I can’t, and don’t, blame the Canadians for this.  They had a commodity they needed to get to market and their preferred trading partner (or at least the [P]resident of that trading partner) wasn’t interested.

At least one Senator seems to think this was a good outcome:


State Department IG Finds Flaws in Pipeline Review:

By Senator Bernie Sanders (S-VT) | Google+

A special internal review by the State Department inspector general faulted aspects of the department’s handling of a proposal to build a crude oil pipeline from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico.

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) and Rep. Steve Cohen (D-Tenn.) last Nov. 7 asked Howard W. Geisel, the acting inspector general, to examine apparent conflicts of interest in the department’s handling of an environmental impact statement.

“The findings confirm once again why the project should not be rubber stamped for approval, despite efforts by Republicans in Congress to do just that,” said Sanders.


Then again, 0bama did say that he intended to send “price signals” in order to reduce consumption and force American citizens to be more environmentally conscious.

Do keep that in mind this election season whenever you fill your tank or pay your gas and electric bill.  Obama did this for your own good!


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