Breitbart Editor, Dana Loesch Receives Accuracy In Media Award at CPAC

(Note: The Wardman Marriott lost all Internet connection half way through the event on Thursday and it never came back so no one in the entire building had any connection unless they had their own Internet aircard. I apologize for not getting these up earlier today, but there was no help for it!)

Long-time media watchdog group Accuracy in Media bestowed its Grassroots Journalism Award to the editor-in-chief of, one of Andrew Breitbart’s suite of conservative websites on Thursday evening at CPAC.

Of the award and Miss Loesch, Don Irvine, Chairman of AIM, said:

“Accuracy in Media could not be more excited about the 2012 Reed Irvine Awards,” Chairman Don Irvine said. “AIM continues to be impressed with the leadership Dana Loesch has shown to grassroots citizen journalists. Her fearless challenges to biased media narratives are fine examples of citizens rising up in the name of fairness and accuracy. Loesch represents the essence of our Grassroots Journalism Award.

Dana is a contributor to CNN and also hosts her own talk radio show in St. Louis, MO.

Dana is an energetic and tireless activist against the left’s outrages and gave another one of her rip-roaring speeches in acceptance of the award.

Media bon vivant Andrew Breitbart cheered his editor on in the audience as Dana received her award, also attending was film producer and director Stephen Bannon

Also receiving an award was Sharyl Attkisson whose recent work exposing for CBS the Obama administration’s scandalous Fast and Furious debacle has been exemplar and earned her AIM’s Investigative Journalism Award.

“For much of her 30 year career as a news anchor and reporter, Sharyl Attkisson has offered a clear example of what an investigative journalist should be doing. She has flown in a B-52 on a combat mission over Kosovo, shed light on TARP, dared to report on Operation Fast and Furious and has recently exposed dubious green energy loans from the Obama Administration. We are honored to present her with the Investigative Journalism Award.”

Attkisson was away on assignment and could not be on hand to receive her award in person, but it is interesting to note that true to the left’s fascistic, bullying tactics, for weeks extremist groups like Media Matters had been warning her not to accept the award or face consequences from them.

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