Thoughts on Abortion

In response to the Komen brouhaha, here are some thoughts pertaining to the topic of abortion.

1) A few years ago, I read U.S. abortion statistics provided by the Guttmacher Institute.  According to those statistics, the majority of women seeking abortions are adults who are pregnant as a natural consequence of their choice to participate in sexual intercourse. [Those statistics pertain to the USA only. I apologize for losing the link to those statistics.]

2) When my wife was pregnant with my son, I read all sorts of medical literature about pregnancy, and I made an important discovery. By the end of the 4th week of pregnancy, the human embryo has its own heartbeat and brain activity. The last time that I checked, a living person has a heartbeat and brain activity.

3) Planned Parenthood didn’t originate in order to combat breast cancer.  Planned Parenthood originated in order to provide birth control via abortions. In fact, “Planned Parenthood” was not the organization’s original name.

4) If I correctly recall, the majority of humans are female.  So, it’s possible that the majority of aborted babies are also female.  .  . Yes, they are babies because they have heartbeats and brain activity. If the majority of abortions end the heartbeats and brain activity of females, then could abortion be called an “anti-female” activity?

5) Poor women don’t have to rely on Planned Parenthood in order to obtain screenings for breast cancer, especially if Obamacare is upheld by SCOTUS.  Under Obamacare, every person living in the USA must have health insurance, including poor women. The last time that I checked, insurance policies pay for screenings for breast cancer. Even government-provided health insurance pays for such screenings.

6) Plenty of women are opposed to abortion.  So, are those women “anti-woman”?

7) The majority of (but not all) people with breast cancer are women. So, is it accurate to label “anti-woman” an organization devoted to combatting breast cancer because that organization has stopped giving money to Planned Parenthood?

8 ) What prevents the Komen Foundation’s donors from donating directly to Planned Parenthood?

9) Shouldn’t Komen donors opposed to abortion have some say in how their donations are used?

10) If Democrats are so “pro-choice” and “pro-woman”, then what prevents them from directly giving money to Planned Parenthood?  Shouldn’t Democrats be generous with their own money, as opposed to be generous with other people’s money?

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