Rep. Jackie Speier Slams Susan G. Komen On The House Floor

A companion story to Rick’s earlier post. California Democrat Jackie Speier took to the House floor to take the Susan G. Komen foundation to the woodshed after their decision to end funding for Planned Parenthood. To be honest, it’s not exactly like Susan G. Komen had some sort of epiphany about the evils of abortion; no, they simply made a decision, a wise one at that, to no longer send funds to organizations currently under investigation.

Speier on the other hand could care less about investigations. She lambasted Komen for “becoming a political advocacy group.” Pahleese. It’s always about politics with these people.

From The Hill:

“I guess it means that Susan G. Komen has become a 501(d)(4), because no longer do they want to be providing nonprofits, they want to become a political advocacy group,” she said on the floor. “Last time I checked, we were all presumed innocent until proven guilty.”

She said Komen’s decision means Planned Parenthood will not get as much as $600,000 a year, which has helped provide for about 170,000 breast cancer screenings for women over the last five years.

Missing the irony, Speier closed her floor remarks by asking advocates for abortion on demand to contact Susan G. Komen and tell them to stick to their cancer fighting work. Which, by the way has nothing to do with funding abortion.

You simply don’t get in the way of a Democrat and easier access to abortions. You just don’t.

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