Komen sez goodbye to Planned Parenthood

Big tip of the hat to the breast cancer awareness charity:

Komen_ribbonIn what looks to be a break between two organizations dedicated to women’s health, a national breast cancerawareness group said it would stop providing funds to Planned Parenthood centers for breast cancer examinations and other breast health services.

Susan G. Komen for the Cure, a leader in fundraising for breast cancer research and famous worldwide for its iconic pink ribbon, said Tuesday that it was halting all partnerships with Planned Parenthood affiliates because of recently adopted criteria that forbid it from funding any organization under government investigation.

In September, Rep. Cliff Stearns (R-Fla.) launched an inquiry to determine whether Planned Parenthood uses public money to fund abortions. Planned Parenthood receives federal money but cannot use it to provide abortions.

Komen has a long history of providing funding to various Planned Parenthood affiliates for such services as manual breast exams and referrals for mammograms and biopsies to check suspicious lumps for cancer. Although that money is not used for abortions, the Komen Foundation may have yielded to demands from antiabortion groups to sever its ties to Planned Parenthood.

“We had the sense this was coming and that they were under pressure,” said Sue Dunlap, chief executive of Planned Parenthood Los Angeles. “I find this really disappointing. I think when women’s health is more of a political conversation than a conversation about healthcare and taking care of people, then we’ve gone too far.”

Actually, going too far is couching an organization purposed in killing the unborn as one that takes care of people.  Death is on the docket for every abortion planned.  50% of patients involved in an abortion are killed.  100% of those under the age of infancy.

Taking care of people my arse.

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