Call Gingrich a Waah-mbulance

Is Newt Gingrich using Barack Obama’s playbook? That seems to be the case, because Gingrich is blaming someone else for his failure to win the GOP debate of 26 January 2012. is running a story titled Gingrich Campaign: Debate Audience Stacked For Romney .

Here is the story’s beginning:

Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich rode a strong performance and crowd enthusiasm at a debate in South Carolina to victory in that state’s primary, but the crowds at two debates in Florida this week haven’t been as wild for Gingrich. Now his campaign is claiming that rival Mitt Romney’s campaign stacked the audience at Thursday’s debate with its supporters to shift the energy toward Romney, the Huffington Post reported. *

So, Gingrich’s ability to win a debate depends on who is in the debate audience? How lame is that?

[* Try to set aside any bias against The Huffington Post when reading the story. Even a broken clock is correct at least once a day.]

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