‘That’s What Happens When You Run With Losers’

When you read one of the most entertaining pieces I’ve seen in a while in the WSJ, that lays out the ineptitude of Obama combined with the impotence of the current crop of GOP contenders, you’ll go to bed tonight wondering how we ever got ourselves into this mess. I don’t care what kind of logic the left throws at us, there is absolutely, 100%, no way in hell President Obama should have even a sliver of a chance at re-election. But yet, here we are.

The money paragraph from the piece by Bret Stephens:

It doesn’t matter that Mr. Obama can’t get the economy out of second gear. It doesn’t matter that he cynically betrayed his core promise as a candidate to be a unifying president. It doesn’t matter that he keeps blaming Bush. It doesn’t matter that he thinks ATMs are weapons of employment destruction. It doesn’t matter that Tim Geithner remains secretary of Treasury. It doesn’t matter that the result of his “reset” with Russia is Moscow selling fighter jets to Damascus. It doesn’t matter that the Obama name is synonymous with the most unpopular law in memory. It doesn’t matter that his wife thinks America doesn’t deserve him. It doesn’t matter that the Evel Knievel theory of fiscal stimulus isn’t going to make it over the Snake River Canyon of debt.

Above all, it doesn’t matter that Americans are generally eager to send Mr. Obama packing. All they need is to be reasonably sure that the alternative won’t be another fiasco. But they can’t be reasonably sure, so it’s going to be four more years of the disappointment you already know.

Although I’m not entirely ready to resign myself to the fact that Obama may very well be elected, the GOP has proven in the past and is proving once again that they have the ability to blow this thing all to hell. And if they do, well then, good on ya’.

Don Surber gives me a glimmer of hope by pointing out just how dissatisfied the Democrats were with their choices in 1992. That may be, but my argument there is that George H.W. Bush was nowhere near as dangerous to the health of this country as Barack Obama is. Plus, Bush wasn’t really a weakened incumbent yet, thereby lending the perception of a “missed opportunity.”

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