Whatever happened to . . .

. . . that anti-America preacher Jeremiah Wright?  The Institute on Religion & Democracy has posted on its website a report on what Wright was doing this past MLK holiday:

Controversial pastor Jeremiah Wright, infamous during the 2008 presidential campaign because of his incendiary political rhetoric while Barack Obama was his parishioner, came to a suburban Northern Virginia church to commemorate Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.  Mostly avoiding controversial statements during his January 14 remarks, Wright emphasized the continuity of black people’s history.

The report quotes Wright as saying this:

“You mean to tell me that Africans didn’t do nothin’ before slavery?  God’s presence was with us before slavery, at the origins of civilization.”

Lest you think that the report praises Wright’s sermon, the report’s author points out that Wright sermon left out an important detail:

More broadly, Christians as the holy and catholic Church ought not forget that personal experiences and histories are always subject to a greater narrative, something Rev. Wright may have been well served to articulate.

In short, Wright’s sermon didn’t exactly glorify God, which is a shame because the late MLK Jr. would have wanted God glorified.

Couldn’t that suburban Northern Virginia church have found a better guest speaker?


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