Last Weekend;s Caption Contest™ Winners

Last week’s Weekend Caption Contest™ was another big hit that I unfortunately couldn’t get to judging on time. The assignment last week was to caption the following picture:

Audience members listen as Republican presidential candidate and former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney speaks during a campaign stop at Cherokee Trikes and More in Greer, South Carolina January 12, 2012. REUTERS/Brian Snyder

Here are the winning entries:

1) (OTIS the hand) – “Romney, the opiate of the lasses.

2) (Rodney Dill) – “In the end the Republican selection process only served to prove that a hard man was good to find.

3) (JLawson) – “What an …. uninspiring… package

4) (Brian_The_Adequate) – “Mitt addresses his most enthusiastic supporters

5) (EricSteel) – “C-SPAN viewers checking out the rumors about Romney.

6) (fustian24) – “Why does it feel like we’re all on an Italian cruise ship?

The Readers Choice Award last week goes to:

(Brian_The_Adequate) – “‘shopped – No one is this happy to see Romney

Winners for this weekend’s contest will be announced shortly.

Weekend Caption Contest™ Winners
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