To know him is to not think much of him.

Having done my own research back in 2007-2008 (and having not relied on the LSM to keep me informed) I had a very low opinion of former community organizer, former Illinois State Senator, and then serving U. S. Senator for Illinois Barrack Hussein Obama.  I came to the conclusion that Senator Obama was unworthy of his Senate seat, and certainly unworthy of the oval office.

The Presidential campaign which followed was the least thorough vetting of a Presidential candidate that I have ever seen, and resulted in an elected president who had never undergone public scrutiny.

The more the nation’s populace have seen of [P]resident Barrack Hussein Obama in office, the more they have come to share my opinion.

Exactly 3 years in, Obama’s job approval hits lowest level yet

By Andrew Malcolm | Investors Business Daily | Political News and Commentary

Exactly three years after Aretha Franklin’s hat launched the Obama administration, the Democrat’s annual job approval rating has sunk to his lowest level.

That’s not normally a good sign after 1,095 days in office. But who’s counting? Heading into reelection years, pols want to be at least at the 50% level. A new Gallup Poll just out reveals that the ex-state senator’s job approval for his third full year is 44%.

That’s down from 47% in his second year.

That’s down from 57% in his first year.

It’s also down from the 69% approval he enjoyed on Inauguration Day.

So, the better Americans have come to know the guy and to watch his record, the less they seem to think of him. Of course, what really matters is what they think of him starting with early voting this October and ending the night of Nov. 6.

Gallup’s 2012 results are based on about 175,000 adult interviews during the year, showing a brief high for Obama of 53% in May (can you say Navy SEALs’ success?) and a low two times of 38% in both August and October.

In terms of historical patterns, Obama’s third-year average is the lowest of any modern president except the doomed Democrat Jimmy Carter, who had 37.4%. The highest approval at this stage of a first term was Dwight Eisenhower with 72.1% and George H.W. Bush with just under 70%.

A lot can happen between now and election day.  The one thing that won’t happen will be Obama becoming a competent President working for the interests and well being of all Americans.  Thus the real question is will the electorate allow itself to be fooled twice.


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