Rep. Allen West: ‘I Won’t Turn My Back On My Country’

You know what? I believe him. Asked once again if he would say yes to an invitation to join the GOP Presidential ticket as Vice President this year, West didn’t dodge the question. He said “I’ve always said that that’s something I’d have to pray about, I’d have to talk to my family about, make sure we make the right decision,” and now the screeching sound in liberal ears everywhere, “But if someone asks you to step up and serve your country, I’m not going to turn my back on my country.” Wow.

Since honestly I think the Presidential nomination is going to be wrapped up pretty soon with Romney on top, I think it’s time we start looking at who will balance out the ticket. As I stated before, McCain’s decision to pick Sarah Palin injected into his campaign something that he was unable to give it himself. Passion from the conservative base. Because of Palin I was excited and thrilled to cast my vote for the McCain/Palin ticket. In much the same way, Romney will need to pick wisely his running mate.

For all of his flaws, Romney will be a decent candidate. Ten times the candidate that McCain was and to be honest, without the financial meltdown he just might have won. Romney’s VP pick will be huge. If he’s smart, and I think he is, he’ll go with a Tea Party darling, solid conservative. By doing so he’ll put some of the misgivings about his own conservatism in the background.

In my mind there are two individuals that I’d have at the top of the list if I were the GOP nominee for President. One is Rep. Allen West and the other is Senator Marco Rubio, both of Florida. The upside to both men being on the ticket far outweighs the bad. Maybe I’ll explore the positives and negatives in later posts, but for now, I just thought it would be a nice subject to broach with you. I’d love to hear your thoughts on the matter. Who you think would be good, what you think about the two names I mentioned, how would they standup to the rigors of a national campaign?

Funny enough, in the same interview, West said he “doubts” that he’s on anyone’s list for VP. Seriously, Mr. West? Seriously?

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