New York Times blogger spreads false story about Romney

Fact checkers at the New York Times need to get busy, because the NYT blog “The Caucus” has make a whopper of a false claim about GOP presidential contender Mitt Romney.

Here is what NYT blogger Michael D. Shear wrote:

In New Hampshire, Mr. Romney provided openings by saying he could relate to people who receive pink slips, and later letting the words “I like to fire people” come out of his mouth. Both were quickly seized on by his rivals.

Romney did not say that he likes to fire people. He said that he likes to be able to fire people.

Romney was talking about his ability to choose who provides him with a service such as health insurance. Like any sane person, Romney does not want to be stuck with an insurance company that provides him with lousy service. So, Romney likes to choose who he gets health insurance from.  In short, Romney is pro-choice when it comes to health insurance.

Anyone who listened to (or read) Romney’s comments knows what Romney actually said. Apparently, Shear didn’t listen or read.  If Shear’s readers didn’t listen or read, either, then they wouldn’t know that the Shear has made a false statement.

Will the New York Times publish a correction? Only time will tell.

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