‘If they wanted “that garbage” they knew where to look’

Imagine that… there were leftists upset about the John 3:16 commercial aired during the Broncos/Patriots game over the weekend.

Melinda Henneberger at the Washington Post:

John316Though not exactly a Benetton commercial – I think I spied one black girl in the crowd at the end – was there anything wrong with a pitch that verbally, anyway, underscores the message that God loves us all? Sure there was; some of my friends on social media were appalled, saying that if they wanted “that garbage” they knew where to look, thanks.

My own, initially positive, reaction was followed by queasiness of a different sort. Were we Christians really hawking Jesus alongside Cialis now? (If you have an epiphany lasting more than four hours…) Not, as anyone who’s ever visited a holy site can tell you, that the commoditizing of faith is anything new. And in following Jesus’s directive that we spread the Word, televised pitches are nowhere near the most extreme measures we have tried.

On Twitter, I asked whether those who were offended by the ad would have minded as much if they hadn’t known that the conservative Christian group Focus on the Family had sponsored it.

“If I were Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, agnostic or atheist, yes,’’ tweeted back my ‘She the People’ colleague (and Tim Tebow fan) Sandra Fish. “So I am.”

We shouldn’t criticize the critical.  We’re all called to be more tolerant, more open-minded, more affirming… of superficially shallow hypersensitivity.  

You’ve got to love the hypocrisy.

H/T to Deacon Greg.

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