First Session, 112th Congress sets new record for non-achievement

Gridlock in Government is neither unusual, unexpected, nor unintended.

Even so, the 112th Congress (and especially the Democrat controlled Senate) have set new low records for achievement.

Congress logs most futile legislative year on record

Outlook for House, Senate also shows scant accomplishment for ‘12 session

By Stephen Dinan – The Washington Times

It’s official: Congress ended its least-productive year in modern history after passing 80 bills — fewer than during any other session since year-end records began being kept in 1947.

Furthermore, an analysis by The Washington Times of the scope of such activities as time spent in debate, number of conference reports produced and votes taken on the House and Senate floors found that Congress set a record for legislative futility by accomplishing less in 2011 than any other year in history.

The Senate’s record was weakest by a huge margin, according to the futility index, and the House had its 10th-worst session on record.

Then again, considering what the 111th Congress “accomplished” (including Obamacare, but not including a budget for either session), such a seminal lack of accomplishment begins to look better all the time.

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