Obama Saves The Grand Canyon

Okay, he didn’t really save it. But that’s how the left is spinning the news that Interior Secretary Ken Salazar has placed a 20 year ban on  uranium and other mining on 1 million acres in the Grand Canyon National Park area. Salazar, who continues to believe that America’s energy future is Solar Energy, said that the ban will create jobs and keep the water supply clean. You know, the typical leftist arguments used when we neuter ourselves.

Now, not only are we becoming more and more dependent on foreign sources of oil; we’re now going to be more and more dependent on foreign sources of uranium. For those who may not know, uranium is necessary for nuclear power and nuclear power is a key component for the United Staes to be energy independent.  America’s nuclear power facilities produce about 20% of all of our energy. At this time, the United States imports 90% of it’s uranium. Ken Salazar just banned mining in an area where we were able to obtain half of what we are able to get out of the ground ourselves.

So, one might ask where are we going to get the uranium needed for our nuclear power plants? Can anyone out there say Russia? How about Kazakhstan? Not exactly friendly countries to our cause. But then again, the environmentalist fascists out there aren’t exactly concerned about American interests or energy independence. Their only concern is advancing their green, anti-oil, anti-nuclear agenda; and they’ve got a powerful ally in the White House.

As I wrote here, it will be the small, subtle things like this that will eventually destroy this country once and for all. A prospect that doesn’t concern leftists, environmentalists, or those in the White House.

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