Now there’s an all-star lineup

I remain uninspired by Mitt Romney who, if elected, may turn out to be a fine president but hasn’t done anything of note to convince me he’s got the strength of conviction needed to push through the kind of radical changes we need to keep USS America afloat.  Time will tell if he sews up the nomination, if he can unseat Obama, and how he governs if he is elected POTUS.  In the meantime Mitt got this ringing endorsement from the Charlotte (SC) Observer:

Some voters in Saturday’s primary will surely question Romney’s conservative credentials, and it’s true that some of his opponents are to the right of him. But while Romney’s, er, evolving positions make it hard to know precisely where he stands on all issues, he’s no leftist, fiscally nor socially. His policy stances aren’t wildly different from his challengers, and he is not running to the left of previous GOP nominees John McCain, George W. Bush, Bob Dole or George H.W. Bush.

Well that’s comforting.  Each of them is practically synonymous with slowing the leviathan state’s growth.  They’re like the proverbial Murder’s Row of conservatism.  John McCain batting clean-up.  That’s definitely the lineup I’d hand in if I was managing.

Although for some reason I can’t shake the suspicion there’s another previous GOP nominee conspicuously absent from that list.

Oh yeah.  Richard Nixon.  How could they have possibly overlooked the man who signed the EPA into existence from their roster of conservative stalwarts?  It’s not like he midwifed an Obamacare precursor or anything.

Oy gevalt.

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