‘This is not a “Sit-It-Out-And-Pout” election’

Gerard Vanderleun is passing on some wisdom for those of us who aren’t exactly enamored with Barack Hussein Obama:

AanobamasignsYes, nothing is damaging the “Conservative Brand” lately more than the rolling stupidity that is lumping itself around the failure of the Republicans to come up with a viable candidate that is more “Conservative” than Mitt Romney. This “failure”, which was predictable as long as four years ago, is causing many online ‘conservatives to drop into premature political menopause with whining, hot flashes of anger, and the grinding of dull, old, axes. They are pissed, it would seem, because nobody other than Romney can carry the fight to Obama in the coming election. The more demented among them are declaring, shades of McCain/2008, that they will take their retracted balls and go home on election day rather than vote against Obama.

These people are deeply stupefied and confused. Ideology will do that to you. They seem to think, to actually believe, that this coming election is about only voting if you can vote for a candidate you like. Let me disabuse these kids of this silly notion right away. The election of 2012 ain’t a conservative popularity contest. It’s a war to, first, last, and always, destroy any possibility of a second term for Barack Hussain Obama.

This is not a “Vote-For” election. This is a “Vote-Against” election. This is not a “Sit-It-Out-And-Pout” election. This is a “Get-Obama-Out” election. That is what it is about and that is all it is about.

If people can’t understand, at this point, that very simple concept their minds are much too simple to be conservatives and they might as well go off and sit at the kiddy table and write in “Vermin Supreme” with a blunt pink crayon.

If true conservatives want to have a truly conservative candidate in a truly conservative party they will have to commit to the long march. You know, “the long march” like the one the left took through out political, academic, religious, and media institutions. The one they spent decades on. The long hard road to political supremacy. The one that takes work and money.

That’s the one thing I don’t see erstwhile conservatives actually doing from election to election. Instead they run their lives and their businesses off on the side and they show up every three years or so to watch the little red hens of politics take the nomination away from their conservative flavor of the week.

The way the Republican party is set up in the primary system means that to even have a shot at winning it you have to be running for it years and years and years before the actual elections. That’s what Romney’s been doing. That’s the game and he’s got the pieces in place to win it. You may not like it, but, hey, change it or play it.

But if you’re beat because your “choices” are late to the party like Perry, or not really in it to win it like Mitt, don’t start blaming Romney the little red hen.

It’s just not dignified to hold your breath, stamp your feet, and threaten to take your retracted balls and go home.

So suck it up and remember this: This is not a “Sit-It-Out-And-Pout” election. This is a “Get-Obama-Out” election.

Go now, my conservative friends, and sin no more.

He’s right.  The goal must be to unseat BHO.  And though I’m certainly no Mitt fan, I’ll take this paler shade any day over who currently sits at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

I suggest those of you who agree start acting like you agree.

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