Look who’s taking bucketfuls of Wall Street Cash

… yup, none other that ‘Ms. Social Contract’ herself, Elizabeth Warren:

… Warren raised nearly 50 percent more than Brown, a jaw-droppng $5.7 million in the 4th quarter. What’s more, this is the second straight quarter in which Warren outraised Brown. Did this all come from middle-class Massachusetts families, or which special interests is Warren putting first?

The Boston Herald asked Warren if she’s refusing banker money, and she answered no, the Wall Streeters who are donating to her are those who “want reform.” “There are people on Wall Street who actually believe we need better rules, fairer rules.” The way you prove you want reform? You give money to Warren. As Jim Antle at the American Spectator puts it “Elizabeth Warren Wants Good Wall Street Cash.”

The Boston Herald article gives us an expanded version of the above quote:

“There are people on Wall Street who actually believe we need better rules, fairer rules. That’s what I stand for. I’ve gone toe-to-toe with these financial institutions. A lot of people understand if you don’t have tough rules and a tough cop on the beat, the whole system is going to come down around us …The Wall Street guys have been meeting aggressively to say, ‘How many different ways can we fund Scott Brown to make sure Elizabeth Warren does not go to the United States Senate?’”

(*sigh*)  Ms. Warren, the big Wall Street firms don’t want fairness.  They want more government cronyism – more rules that make it easier for them to profit at the expense of smaller competitors, and much more difficult for new competitors to enter the market.  Decades of working in leftist progressive academia have obviously convinced Warren that government micromanagement is the sole key to “fairness” and “equality,” and she is willing to do whatever it takes in order to make it happen, including the use of ‘befriending the greedy so we can feed the needy’ tactics that seem (to the critically thinking outside observer, anyway) to completely contradict her espoused core principles.  I guess if enough six-figure campaign contributions keep rolling in, you’ll support anything.  Still, it’s a shame that she can’t see that she is so obviously being played by the Big Banking/Big Government establishment.

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