Where I’m At, Where I’m Coming From

Being new blood here at Wizbang, I thought it only fair to fill the commenter community in on where I currently sit when it comes to the subject of the GOP primary process and who it is I’m leaning towards….if anyone.

For a while now (since the 2008 election ended) I’d been hoping and praying that Sarah Palin would enter the race. Despite her bad press over the last few years, I thought, and still think, she was our best hope. It’s a bit of an understatement to say that this primary season has been a disappointment in my eyes. It’s now progressed into depressing territory.

Before all of the candidates had declared I had three possible contenders that I thought would be strong and viable for different reasons. As I said before, Sarah Palin was number one, followed by Chris Christie and Rick Perry. Only one eventually declared and what a mess that’s been. I still for the life of me, can’t figure out why Rick Perry isn’t leading or at least pushing Romney. A few bad debate performances really just doesn’t cut it for me.

Christie, for all of the Rino accusations that have been leveled against him is still a tough talking, straight to the point kind of guy, that I thought could really take it to Obama, and he does on a regular basis which I think is good for conservatives, conservatism, and the country. He of course, is now firmly in the Romney corner for whatever reason.

To be quite honest with you I’m just about completely put out with this primary season. It hasn’t gone the way I’d hoped, but then again most things in life seldom do. Romney will likely be the nominee. And I think it’s time all of us(no matter who we support) face that fact. The last few days with Gingrich and Perry using Occupy Wall Street arguments against Romney has pretty much been the last straw for me. You can read here what I wrote about that.

I’m not pro-Romney but on the same hand I’m not anti-Romney either. If Romney wins the nomination, I’ll not be anymore disappointed than I am right now. Basically, I can live with Mitt Romney as the GOP candidate for President.

But what I can’t live with is another four years of Barack Obama. I’d much rather be for something than against something but it just hasn’t worked out that way. We can still hope that Romney’s choice for VP will inject some passion into the campaign much the same way that McCain picking Palin did. In my opinion his one and only good political move.

Anyway, just thought I’d let the readers here know a little bit about my line of thinking as we move forward here. Once again, I’d like to thank Kevin for the opportunity to write here, as well as the other writers who have been kind in welcoming us new guys. I’d also like to thank the readers and commenters I’ve been fortunate enough to have met thus far.

Whether we agree on every aspect of policy or which candidate should win the nomination, one thing is for sure; we’re all fighting for the same thing. We all want to save our country from the current damage it’s being subjected to. Let’s fight to that end.

UPDATE: I’ve been a bit perplexed at the performance of Rick Perry since he entered the race and took a nosedive. This from The Other McCain makes sense, it doesn’t explain his latest poor decision to attack Romney from the left, but it kind of explains some of his other poor performances if it’s true.


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