A Unanimous Supreme Court Ruling?

That’s not something one sees all that often these days.  That’s Elena Kagan agreeing with Antonin Scalia, and Sonia Sotomayor agreeing with Clarence Thomas.  That’s a judgement from a district court supporting a claim by an agency of the Federal Government so contrary to the Constitution that every justice agreed that it must be struck down.

It was also a unanimous Supreme Court overturning the Obama Administration.

Supreme Court delivers a knockout punch to the White House

By Peter Johnson Jr.

Wednesday the United States Supreme Court delivered a knockout blow to the White House in the cause of religious liberty.

Chief Justice John Roberts, writing for a unanimous court swatted away the government’s claim that the Lutheran Church did not have the right to fire a “minister of religion” who, after six years of Lutheran religious training had been commissioned as a minister, upon election by her congregation.

The fired minister — who also taught secular subjects — claimed discrimination in employment. The Obama administration, always looking for opportunities to undermine the bedrock of First Amendment religious liberty, eagerly agreed.

The opinion makes for interesting reading, and the unanimous nature of the decision is a refreshing affirmation of original intent.


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